Welcome to my Website! I'm just throwing shit at the wall right now.


All of my shit got burned by the gestapo. Another book is on the book place. This is a collection of all the shit that got burned by the getapo because they don't undersatnd Jewish humor. Jewish Treatises PDF 25mbs. The only thing people wanted to read was the gay smut. I've stopped writing for now. I just don't care. Lifting up the human race is like trying to lift up a puddle of diarrhea with my bare hands and expecting it to turn into a functional member of society. I also shitpost here sometimes, but even that is falling of. Gab profile.

Wrote another book. May 2021. Nancy ____: The Mystery of the Abducted Child. Book. It's a detective novel. Here it is without the e-book format. Book

Surprise, motherfucker! I wrote another book. March 2019. It’s called ‘An Armless Girl and A Pirate’. Book. It is far less political and pedantic than my first book, it is a little bit of a story, but it also preaches the methods and benefits of glorious philosophy of ignorance. Here it is without the e-book format, Book

This is a link to my first book. It is very long, about 1.25 Bibles. Part 1 and 3 are narrative, Part 2 (chapter 12) is social commentary, this is where you will find more substantial musings, though they are also scattered through the book. You can do ctrl+f to see what I have to say about a particular subject. E.g. Negro, Homosexual, Lucifer, Socialist, Breeding, Women, Men, Mankind, Conditioning, degenerate, miscreant, god, vice, segregation, etc.: If you really want to go the full mile, scroll up to the top of the chapter and read the most local context. You can take what I say out of context, because nobody cares what I say. Book.

I have no real intention of making more effort than this in regards to programming a website. I wrote this book, gave up on getting anyone to read it, and now I just shitpost on reddit and take care of the usual business. I figure this 'ctrl+f' format might allow somebody to get some value or entertainment out of it. I'm working on another book in the meantime. I'm a piece of shit, feel free to remind me. Just kidding, I don't know how to make a comment box.

Poem. Poem.

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